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International Virtual Conference on Business, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

Will the International Conference on Business, Science, and Technology for Sustainable Development be held?

No, it will not. But now, we have decided to transform the International Conference on Business, Science, and Technology for Sustainable Development into a fully virtual conference. This will offer our community the possibility for educational exchanges, scientific news, and best practice updates while protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all conference participants.

When and how the virtual conference will be held?

The conference will be available on 9-10 December 2020, with some sessions live-streamed according to the program schedule. The release date for all the sessions will be updated on 5 December 2020.

How do I join a virtual conference?

Registration is required to join virtually via link and submit abstract. For submitting the abstract, all the participants are required to create an account in the link.

Is there any discussion group session in the conference?If yes, How is the procedure?

Yes. Discussion group session will be available for each session and you will be able to join an online chat discussion and to ask questions. Speakers will be asked to join the discussion and to address the question delivered in the Q&A session

How to submit an abstract?

  1. Create an account of Conftool at
  2. Visit ,
  3. download registration guideline and follow the instruction.

Is all abstract submitted should be in English?

Yes, it is. All abstract submitted must be in English

Is the paper submitted will be published in proceeding indexed? 

Yes, for the selected paper will be published in Scopus-indexed proceeding

What are the potential  journal publications opportunities for joining this conference? 

We have cooperated with some journals publisher indexed by Scopus Q2, Scopus Q3, Scopus Q4, and Sinta 2, namely:

  1. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (Scopus Q2)
  2. Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy (Scopus Q2)
  3. International Journal of Public Administration (Scopus Q2)
  4. DLSU Business and Economic Review (Scopus Q3)
  5. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (Q2)
  6. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change (Q2)
  7. International Journal of Supply Change Management (Q3)
  8. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (Q3)
  9. Academic Journal in Interdisciplinary Studies (Q3)
  10. Talent Development and Excellent (Q4)
  11. IPSR (Sinta 2)
  12. Cosmogov: Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan (Sinta 2)
  13. Journal of Governance (Sinta 2)
  14. Jurnal Kimia Sains dan Aplikasi (Sinta 2)
  15. JEJAK: Jurnal Ekonomi dan kebijakan (Sinta 2)

For further informations, please visit

What are the scopes of the conference?

The conference scopes of the conference are ranged from but not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Economic and Sustainable Development
  • Poverty, Inequality, Mobility and Disparity
  • Business Administration and Digital Management
  • Digital Banking, Financial Technology, and Micro Finance
  • Good Governance, and Public Administration
  • Energy Security and Policy
  • Planning and Public Policy
  • Economic Recovery
  • Science and Technology
  • Global Studies and International Relation

How to get the conference guidelines ?

By clicking for the details of registration guidelines and full paper guidelines.

How to do the conference payment? 

Please visit this link for details

Is the publication of an international journal fee has been included in the conference fee?

No, a fee is only included in the proceeding fee if the paper submitted is already accepted from INDEF. All payment of paper that will be submitted to the journal will be borne by the author(s).

How many authors (s) could join for one paper?

For one paper, maximum 3 people

How to get a Letter of Invitation from the organizer?

A Letter of Invitation is an official document that confirms payment of registration fees and extends an official invitation to the paid registrant to attend and participate in the upcoming conference.